From design evaluation to an award winning product

ZIP HYDRO TAP - from prototyping to production 



hydro_tapThese days you don't have to settle for a dull kettle in your home kitchen or work place, now that companies like Zip Heaters are offering functional, yet stylish new ways to deliver boiling water instantly.

 The HydroTap, designed by BlueSky, is a sleekly designed appliance that is giving the kitchen bench-top a new millennium look. Not only does it dispense filtered boiling water on tap, it also offers chilled water, providing the ultimate in convenience and energy efficiency.

During the design and development stages of the HydroTap, Zip Heaters involved Formero from early conception stage, with BlueSky supplying CAD files for Rapid Prototyping and CNC machining of prototype models for design evaluation.

Formero's involvement early in the design stages, gave insight into the product's functionality. So when it came to quoting production, Formero understood the customer's need and expectation.

Although, Formero's roots lie in Production Injection Moulding of plastic components, Formero is equally strong in the manufacture of metal parts (zinc, aluminium and magnesium). Diecasting is a fast, cost-effective manufacturing process for production of high volume, tight tolerance metal components. It has the benefit of increased quality and repeatability, often at lower costs compared to other processes.

Utilising Design for Manufacture techniques Formero worked with Zip to analyse costs, finish, pad printing and assembly equirements, to offer solutions that not only offered savings on the component cost, but also contribute to overall savings with the design of multiple parts into a single component.

Today, the HydroTap is a high selling product item, recognized by Standards Australia for its engineering excellence and granted a Design Award.

Millions of people world-wide use Zip products daily for tea, coffee and cooking. Hospitals in Singapore, naval bases in the United Kingdom, universities in China , the Sydney Opera House and Number Ten Downing Street all have one thing in common - they all enjoy the convenience of Zip instant boiling water in their kitchens.