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3D Systems Asia-Pacific provides plastic injection molding solutions ranging from Low Volume Injection Molding to Production Tooling. With 3D Systems Asia-Pacific, you have options of building injection molds to fit your program requirements no matter how large or small

3D Systems Asia-Pacific Solutions for Injection Molding

Injection Moulding

3D Systems Asia-Pacific allows you to cut weeks off of your product launch; plain and simple. Whether you are a Large OEM, Custom Injection Molder or a Product Design Firm, we can help you realize substantial cost and time savings. We offer a number of different Injection Moulding services based on your project needs and requirements. 


Production Injection Moulding

Production Injection Moulding is a cost effective way to produce large quantities of parts.  There are no geometry limits, no volume limits and no manufacturing limits on your part.  Any commercially available material can be used in the production of the part, and any surface finish can be applied.


Not Sure Where to Start?

Designing plastic parts is a complex task involving many factors that address a list of requirements of the application.  “How is the part to be used?” “How does it fit to other parts in the assembly?” “What loads will it experience in use?” In addition to functional and structural issues, processing issues play a large role in the design of an injection molded plastic part.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis is a free service offered at the start of every project, where a 3D Systems Production Engineer reviews the feasibility of your part for manufacturing.  The aim of this service is to minimize the capital expenditure and reduce overall product costs.

Moldflow™ Plastics Insight (MPI) is the most widely used plastics simulation software for the in-depth analysis and optimization of plastic parts, injection moulds and the injection molding process itself.  MPI consulting service is offered to 3D Systems Asia-Pacific customers across a wide range of industries, providing saving time their products to market.

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