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Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Sintered parts, or SLS models are ideal when you need tough, stable parts for harsh environment testing or end-use applications. The use of Sintering enables you to eliminate tooling cost and drastically reduce your time and cost of your product development or production


The Technology

An additive layer-by-layer process, Selective Laser Sintering technology uses a high-temperature laser to melt and fuse, or sinter, powdered plastics or metal into a three-dimensional part.

Step by Step

  • A 3D CAD file is translated into a surface model made up of thousands of small triangles.
  • File is sliced into many layers like a stack of cards and transferred into an SLS System.
  • A thin layer of powder is rolled unto the build platform, a laser solidifies the powder based on the geometry outline.
  • Laser beam repeatedly fuses thin powder layers and gradually produces solid, three-dimensional parts



  • Ideal for durable, functional applications
  • Wide range of materials
  • Good choice for high-heat applications.
  • Fast time to market, standard lead times 3-5 days.
  • Suiteable for small production runs - Additive Manufacturing (AM)



  • Fitment validation (ideal)
  • Snap Fits (ideal)
  • Impact Strenght (ideal)
  • High temperature (ideal)
  • Complex Geometries (ok to use)
  • Water Resistant (ok to use)

Companies around the world rely on SLS parts for low to mid-volume direct manufacturing needs, cutting tooling time and expenses and getting the product to market faster. 
For example, engineers of aircraft components are able to use SLS ducts directly in the aircraft as today’s latest materials (DuraForm) withstand high temperatures and tough environments. Other industries that are widely using the SLS technology are:  Automotive Design and Intake Manifold Testing, Aerospace, Defense, Heavy Equipment, Medical, Electronics, Consumer Products, Whitegoods, Sporting Goods, Packaging, Home & Garden Equipment, Government Research.


DuraForm® Laser Sintering (SLS) Materials

SLS Materials are reaching new dimensions with the development and introduction of 3D Systems’ latest DuraForm flame retardant and polypropylene plastics. Parts produced are capable of withstanding harsh test conditions or meet the toughness requirements of direct manufacturing applications without the need for tools and fixtures.

The wide and extended DuraForm Materials portfolio of plastics, composites, and metals offers rapid access to production-quality parts in single, low and medium quantities

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ColourFast SLS

3D Systems Asia-Pacific  offers a unique  service - ColourFast SLS. A permanent surface colouring for SLS components.
ColourFast SLS offers visual impact to your prototype models.
Traditionally, if you wanted coloured SLS models they had to be painted. Painting SLS has its limitations, with most paints not sticking very well and potentially creating fitment concerns. Using ColourFast SLS, you have a bonded colour that wont peel or scratch.



Grouped SLS Material Properties Data Sheet


Rex, the robotic exoskeleton

Aussie Racing Car - Utilising SLS to meet deadlines

  • DuraForm FR 100 Plastic
  • DuraForm EX Black Plastic
  • DuraForm PA Fan