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Projet 3D Printing

3D Printing is your ideal choice for hard plastic in a wide variety of applications ranging from realistic concept models  to final part manufacturing.  3D printed parts are precise and ultra detailed enabling you to create your designs with confidence.

3D printed parts enables you to eliminate expensive tooling cost and drastically reduce your time and cost of your product development or production.

3D Systems Asia-Pacific comprehensive family of ProJet 3D Printers consistently build ready-to-use parts using a variety of material options.  Refer to the Visijet 3D material guide in the 'Datasheet' section above.



  • Fast lead time (next day service available)
  • Very high accuracy
  • Variety of materials available (including medical approved materials)
  • Smooth and durable surfaces (no finish is needed)
  • True to design exceptional internal geometry
  • Fast, durable hard plastic parts


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VisiJet 3D Printer Materials


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