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Prototype and Short Run Press Metal Parts

Prototype Sheet Metal production is a formative manufacturing process that creates parts from sheets of metal.  3D Quickparts offers a variety of capabilities involving sheet metal such as bending, shearing, staking and stamping.  Common operations for sheet metal parts include drilling, tapping, counterboring and countersinking.

Sheet metal quotes are created from STEP or IGES files.  IGES files are required for production and 2D prints may be needed to specify finish, tolerance and any other special requirements.

Sheet Metal prototypes have typically been a bottleneck for companies whose new products include sheet metal components.  At Quickparts, customers can get those needed sheet metal parts in a prototype assembly in 5 to 10 days


SECC, SPTE, SGCC, SPCC, Aluminium, Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel


Generating a Quick Sheet Metal quote at Quickparts is a simple 4-step process:

1. Login to your Quickparts account.

2. Upload 3D CAD files or email the files to

3. A Quickparts Area Manager will be in touch to discuss the specifics of your project.

4. A custom binding quote will be presented in 24 hours or less.


Field test parts


Joerg Huttenlocher, Project Leader, Robert Bo...

"Normally we would have to commission a press tool maker ...Formero simplified the process"