Prototyping Services    

Presentation Models

3D Systems Asia-Pacific has had a great deal of experience in producing high quality presentation models that look and feel just like the real product. Features such as pad printing, over-moulding, textures, paint and inserts enable Formero to create models that are virtually identical to the real product.

Using a range of technologies, including Rapid Prototyping, CNC, Vacuum Casting and metalizing (depending on the projects specific requirements), 3D Systems Asia-Pacific has the technology to produce show quality prototype models. 


Presentation models are used for:

+ Design validation
+ Showpieces at exhibitions and seminars
+ Display models at museums and galleries
+ Photo shoots for marketing literature
+ Market research groups
+ Assistance in sales process to win contracts 


3D Systems Asia-Pacific Presentation Model Service Includes:

  • Details graphics applied using pad-printing, screen or film printing techniques
  • PMS colour matching
  • Materials matched to client specifications
  • Wide range of plastic and metal materials are availble
  • High quality clear or colour tinted lenses
  • Vacuum metalising or Chrome Plating
  • Realistic weight representation
  • Functional keypads
  • Illumination of screens with on/off switch


Presentation Flyer

  • Medical Models