Plastic Prototyping

3D Systems Asia-Pacific’s plastic prototyping service enables designers and engineers to obtain a variety of applications, including concept models, functional and visual models in a wide range of materials and finishing options.

What industries use Plastic Prototyping?

Over the last 18 years 3D Systems Asia-Pacific has serviced many industries globally with their manufacturing and prototyping services.  Some of the many industries 3D Systems Asia-Pacific services are:

  • Medical – dental , medical devices, surgical and scientific equipment
  • Aerospace – design engineering, military and defence equipment
  • Automotive – parts, components for OEM, tier suppliers and after market
  • Electronics – test & measurement, electrical components and devices, control systems
  • Building and Construction – machinery, architectural products/models and lighting
  • Industrial goods – infrastructure, aircraft engines, material handling equipment
  • consumer products – plastic products, children’s toys, food products and packaging
  • Design – art, fashion, jewellery, furniture designers and inventors
  • Pool, Leisure and sports – pool lighting and solar products, sports equipment and gaming products

Many of these valued clients have kindly shared their experiences working with 3D Systems Asia-Pacific over the years.  If you have the time, browse through the stories or perhaps view some of the images to give you some inspiration for your next project.

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