Professional Printers    

Professional Printers

The ProJet professional range of 3D Printers are the latest in 3D printing technology. The machines are built around 3D Systems patented Multi-Jet Modeling (MJM) technology.  This proven technology delivers market leading part quality with super fine detail .  The ProJet is not just one printer but a entire range of printers that specialise in a number of different fields. 


3D Professional Printer Range  Benefits
ProJet 1000  Low cost. high resolution, easy to use and fast speed. 
ProJet 1500  High resolution, color and fast speed at an affordable price
V-Flash  fast, affordable, high quality parts - under $10K
ProJet SD 3500  print affordable hard plastic parts fast, on demand
ProJet HD 3500 & 3500Plus   print hard plastic, high definition parts fast
ProJet CP 3500  direct wax patterns for streamlined foundry casting                                            
ProJet CPX 3500 & 3500plus  print micro-detail realwax patterns
ProJet 6000  first ever 3D printer crossover
ProJet 5000  largest capacity, high definition professional printing
ProJet DP 3500  accurate, consistent and economical for dental professionals
ProJet MP 3500  accurate, consistent and economical for dental models
ZPrinter 150  monochrome, automated setup and self monitoring
ZPrinter 250  most affordable, full colour (64 different colours) 3D printer
ZPrinter 350  affordable full size monochrome, automated 3D printer
ZPrinter 450  automated, affordable, full colour 3D printer
ZPrinter 650  Largest build with highest resolution and premium colour
ZPrinter 850  NEW! Industrial-strength, large build volume, highest throughput


3D Printer Materials

V-Flash® printer Material

V-Flash FTI-GN Material is used in the V-Flash Desktop Printer to produce hard plastic parts with smooth surfaces, exceptional fine-feature detail, durable and balanced physical properties in the x/y/z directions, and true-to-design part quality.  V-Flash parts are rugged and tough enough for functional testing and end use parts, and can be sanded, drilled, machined, painted and metal-plated.


ProJet™ 3D Printer Material

ProJet 3D Printers are supported with an extensive portfolio of VisiJet materials to meet the widest range of applications in 3D printing.  Refer to the following brochure for details.


ZPrinter Material Options

3D Systems offers several powder/binder/infiltrant systems to satisfy varying needs. These include high-performance composites for printing strong, high-definition parts. For additional flexibility, models printed with our materials can be sanded, drilled, tapped, painted and electroplated.


3D Scanners

The Most Versatile and Easy-To-Use 3D Laser Scanners

ZScanners bring speed, accuracy, ease-of-use, and unprecedented versatility to 3D scanning. Our suite of 3D scanners is ideal for all application environments, from education and the fine arts, to the most demanding design and manufacturing applications.


 3D Printer Software


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 Zprinters 250 _ 450


ZPrinter's Brochure

ProJet 3500 Brochure

ProJet 1000 & 1500 Brochure

ProJet 5000 Brochure

ProJet 6000 Brochure

  • ProJet 1500 Printer
  • ProJet HD 3000 Printer
  • ProJet 6000 Printer
  • iPro 9000 production printer
  • ProJet 1500 figurines
  • ProJet HD 3500
  • ZPrinter 650
  • ZPrinter 850